Simple Questions…

Business tends to come down to a few simple questions. What is our goal, What would we like to accomplish, What is our roadblock and so on. Once you have the “right” question, you can start to solve for it. Develop plans to accomplish it. You can accomplish anything once you simply define what “it” is. The challenge of solving the question is much harder. That takes experience, focus, clarity, creativity and teamwork. The question is simple, yes . . . The answers can be much more difficult, but you have to have clarity to start on the right path from the beginning. What does your business “really need” to move forward? Do you have the experience and resources to get you there?

30 Years Experience…

From Fortune companies in CPG markets to grassroot “white paper” startups in B2B, I have taken companies to new levels. I focus on a financially driven, easy to understand goal. I have developed and launched industry changing products, reset historic brands, negotiated partnerships, developed new global categories, launched brands from scratch, developed strategies to accelerate growth, established web/digital strategies and served as a QVC on air host. My work with large budget, conservative growth brands to low budget start up in different industries has allowed me to adapt to a variety of products, industries, markets and territories. How can experience help you get where you want to go?

Focused On Results

What I will bring to your business is a passionate, relentless focus on achieving the defined goal. This is accomplished by working closely with your team and mapping out a path forward. More important is helping you work through the process. I integrate myself into your business as if I was part of the leadership team and work to bring the results we set. Nothing in business is ever as easy as a formula, a system, a simple answer or direction. Business is about driving towards the goal. Just because you are pointed in a direction does not mean you will be successful. I help define the right goal and get you there.

Why the name: Spatula?

Over my career I have been around many consulting companies that come in with a team of people, pre-set systems and promises of results that seem so easy to achieve. They use fancy words, catch phrases and are usually very, very expensive. The aftermath usually sounds something like: “we spent all this money and time on this, we have to make it work.”

Spatula is a reference to that simple tool in your kitchen that is used everyday to get jobs done. It is picked up for a variety of different jobs and adapts easily to all of them. A spatula is that tool that is cost effective, multi-functional and just gets that job done when you need it.

My philosophy when I started this company was to bring the experience I have gained over the years, the passion, the teamwork, the resources and the creativity to just get things done. . . . I want to be hands on to help you and your team overcome that challenge that you have struggled with and help drive towards your goal.

Lets start a conversation

No obligations, just a discussion. If I can help, I will be honest. I would enjoy getting to know about your challenge and what you are hoping to accomplish.