Accelerate Growth

Rapidly grow sales and create “Impact”

Expand into new categories and markets to diversify and create revenue streams

Develop footprints around the globe

Overcome Business Challenges

Generate product ideas, bring products to market or launch products to consumers

Address P&L issues, identify problem areas or focus on “where” to spend

Restructure the organization, map new compensation plans, build strategic partnerships

Develop Strategies for Success

Create marketing strategies and brand strategies to build around

Develop business strategies for expansions, refining areas of focus or long term visions

Identify opportunities, levels of investment and tactics for digital, web and Amazon

Simple Questions. Years of Experience. Focused Results.

Simple questions are always the start of the conversation to understand the business, get to the root of what has been done and the challenges that are out there. My experiences managing Fortune brands in the corporate world, turning around B2B business with refreshed strategies, building a consumer brand from the ground up, accelerating a consumer electronics market globally have all helped to create a thought process that is focused on solving problems. Everything in business is a chess game that twists and turns. At the end of the day, results is what is important not the journey and that is the drive that I bring. With my network, background and focus, I can lead your business to acheive the results we define together.

What Challenges Are You Facing?

  • Accelerating Sales Growth
  • Market & Categrory Expansion
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Amazon, Digital, Web Strategy
  • Business & Brand Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Product Launches to Market
  • International Expansion
  • P&L Management Issues
  • Organizational Planning

Lets Connect…

Lets have a quick discussion to see where we can work together.