Adam C

Market: Fortune Brand, CPG

Justin is a total grinder.  Unlimited capacity to take on more.  I worked with so many talented people and teams at SW – and Justin was the very best at developing truly creative product solutions.  That solution became his all-consuming mission.  From product development and branding, to promotion and driving a sales team.  Justin is the absolute advocate for his novel ideas.  I loved working with him then and I know I’ll buy his services in the future.

Emily W.

Market: Amazon, Digital/Web

Justin is a strategic asset to any sales-focused organization. He understands the complex interplay of retail, e-commerce, and other channels and knows how to build a sales and marketing plan to grow them in parallel. When you work with Justin, you’re also getting his network and his connections which are so valuable in growing your business.

Ross B.

Market: B2B, Manufacturing

I have worked with Justin to develop and launch a Business to Consumer venture from the ground up.  Justin sees the big picture and has the ability to develop strategies and actions that include the Creative, Operations, Supply Chain and Sales team members.  This effort resulted in customized programs focused on market opportunities and led to our team exceeding budget by 300%. Justin leads by example and is willing to work in non-traditional markets, taking his business to the next level.  His practical experience with Business to Consumer and Business to Business projects bring much to the table.

Ryan S.

Market: International, Consumer Electronics

I worked with Justin re-trenching products across Asian markets, Japan and Australia. His ability to craft strategies that cater to local regions but stay tied into global business direction was critical and helped dramatically grow the business. Working with and understanding local partners needs, launching critical new products and making the right tactical decisions drove the category to be one of the most exciting buyers had seen in years. His attention to the chess moves and thinking through plans, along with his drive to execute was key in establishing the business as a growth segment.

Paul V.

Market: Toys, ASTV

“Working with Justin on several technologies and adapting them from a B2B to CPG focus has been instrumental in the brands successes.  His marketing guidance, due diligence of the technology applications, and constructing a brand blue print led to multi-million dollar programs surpassing expectations.  Looking forward to continued success with Justin on future projects.”

Shean F.

Market: Retail, Stationary

“I had the pleasure of working with Justin Kalvitz on developing and executing a product roadmap, marketing plan and strategy for a National brand roll out at 1800 Target Stores resulting in a new Multi-Million Dollar Business.  When Justin and I connected, the product roadmap consisted of a single core product and Justin was able to create and execute on a vision that propelled the company into new categories backed with a comprehensive grass roots and digital marketing strategy that drove consumer awareness and sales of the product.  Justin is exceptionally talented at building brands & alignment with consumer preferences while methodically executing across various marketing channels. If you are looking to take a product or a brand to the next level I would highly recommend Justin.”

Bridget L.

Market: Club, Stationary

I worked with Justin calling on Costco and he was instrumental in growing the business at the retailer by over 35% within the first two years of him working on that account. He created a strategic sales plan, which is essential with a retailer that plans 1 to 2 years in advance, that promoted sales growth well beyond the retailer’s category growth year over year while maintaining his company’s marketing vision. Not only did Justin work closely with his product development team to create unique and appealing club packs for this retailer, but he played an integral role in structuring the promotion and marketing plans to drive sales for a successful program each year. Justin is a true professional and leader, poised and informed in meetings, with a firm grasp on both supplier and retailer needs.